„A beautiful smile is everybody’s dream”


It is an asset both in professional and private life. Even recently orthodontics has been understood as prevention and correction of speech defects. Nowadays, this specialization has developed a lot, malocclusion treatment is also a challenge for adults. Orthodontists are expected to show not only good treatment results but to correct the aesthetic appearance. Contemporary orthodontics disposes variety of brackets but the most revolutionary have been INCOGNITO – completely invisible lingual brackets and INSIGNIA – the whole malocclusion treatment with the use of digitally customized treatment including artistic abilities so called 3D visualization.


ortodoncja-1Why malocclusions ought to be treated?

  • improves your self-esteem at everybody, at every age;
  • improves appearance and face aesthetics;
  • retards face aging;
  • incorrect teeth position accelerates their gradual loss out of bones and gums;
  • crowded and abnormal positioned teeth are exposed to abrasion and in consequence, to be lost with age
  • abnormal spatial relations between teeth of both arches influence the pathological changes in a temporomandibular joint;
  • speech correctness;
  • more efficient tooth cleaning at home and in consequence less prone to decay, tartar build up and periodontitis;