How is the orthodontic treatment proceeded?

Stage 1: Orthodontic appointment

The first visit is always consultation when a doctor diagnoses the malocclusion and suggests the multiple choice of brackets. On the first visit the impressions are taken from which a technician prepares plaster models of maxilla and mandible and colour photos of teeth and a face. They are necessary for treatment plan statement and a nice surprise at the end of the treatment when the doctor can remind a patient how he looked like before.Before next visit, an orthodontist analyses photos, models and X-ray photos (widescreen and cephalometric) carefully. They are the base of treatment plan preparation and to take decision of the possible teeth extractions.


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Stage 2: Treatment plan

Next visit the treatment plan is shown. A doctor explains details clearly. Together with a patient, an orthodontist chooses the proper kind of appliance. A patient gets to know about the possibilities of treatment, its cost, possible extractions and receives the information about all the preparations before wearing the brackets – oral hygiene and healthy teeth are recommended.
Incognito, Incognito Lite, Win – If a patient accepts the treatment plan, next impression is taken and sent to laboratory in Germany.

Appliance manufacturing in laboratory

Customized brackets, i. e. Incognito, Incognito Lite and Win, are manufactured in Germany. The next step is a set up (preparing the ideal bite) – a patient can see his future, ideal teeth even before the treatment. Then the model is scanned – based on 3D photo of teeth surface, detailed brackets are designed. Nowadays, it is also possible to use virtual 3D model – larger one on a computer screen. Basing on those designs, appliance elements are cast gold or metal alloy. Each bracket is handmade. Ready brackets are put in trays. In the future they will be bonded indirectly to patient’s teeth. Then the arch wires are designed and bended by special machine. Finally, an orthodontist receives a detailed description of wires set, necessary for treatment.
Brackets and wires manufactured in Germany return to Soldent clinic. All the manufacturing process takes about 4-6 weeks.

Stage 3: Putting the brackets

Next visit is connected with putting the brackets on. It lasts about 1 – 1.5 hour.



Stage 4: Control visits

Subsequent visits are to follow at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Time lengthening between visits without orthodontic consultation lead to treatment time extending. Because we take care of patient’s oral hygiene, before a new archwire, we proceed the oral hygiene activities. The time depends on orthodontic malocclusion and lasts average 1,5 year. More complicated malocclusions even longer – 2-2.5 years.


Stage 5: Retention

When the orthodontic treatment is successful, the orthodontist takes the brackets off. If we want to maintain the treatment results, we have to wear retention: we bond special wires on upper and lower teeth which keep the teeth position. On the upper (and sometimes lower teeth as well) you have to wear removable appliance. Depending on the malocclusion type, it can be: upper retention plate, upper and lower, PID (position indicating device) or elastofinisher.
Retention control visit is taken every 6 months. Retention time should be twice longer than the active orthodontic treatment.

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Taking care of the patients’ satisfaction SOLDENT has prepared special discounts at the end of orthodontic treatment:

  • 10% discount on whitening treatment after the orthodontic treatment