Types of brackets


We offer our patients orthodontic brackets of the newest technologies and the highest quality materials. The ways of beautiful smile experience during orthodontic treatment are presented below:

Appliances are bonded with special adhesive on lingually or labially depending on the type of braces. They consist of brackets and bands or tubes which are bonded on molars. There is a regularly replaced wire put between brackets and bands.

Legenda:  1 - zamek, 2 - ligatura, 3 - łuk

1 – zamek, 2 – ligatura, 3 – łuk

1 – bracket, 2 – ligature, 3 – wire


We recommend different types of brackets depending on aesthetic patient’s needs:



Metal brackets:

  • silver metal brackets;
  • possibility of wearing colour ligatures;
  • antiallergic parts of metal braces;
  • small size of brackets;
  • high durability materials;
  • recommended for teenagers;
  • even complicated malocclusion treatment;



aparat-porcelanowyPorcelain (aesthetic) brackets:

  • high aesthetic brackets;
  • brackets are almost invisible so very discreet
  • milky brackets – colour close to the natural tooth colour;
  • duża wytrzymałość zamków i precyzja działania;
  • high durability and precision;
  • most frequently chosen by patients amongst all the braces;




aparat-krysztalowyICE Sapphire brackets:

  • made of monocrystal sapphire, clear brackets ;
  • low profile and small size make brackets little visible allowing to smile boldly and widely
  • smooth surface and rounded contours of bracket tie wings reduce the risk of irritation;





aparat-samoligatujacySelf-ligating brackets – Damon system:

  • innovative technology of orthodontic treatment;
  • self-ligating brackets, individually customized;• technologically advanced arch wires
  • in most cases there is no need of extractions or expanders
  • sliding mechanism reduces tooth pressure
  • shorter treatment time;
  • fewer visits, easier hygiene because of lack of ligatures;


aparat-incognito Incognito:

  • completely invisible brackets and the way of teeth straightening;
  • aesthetic teeth appearance during treatment;
  • individually customized regarding patient’s dentition;
  • made of alloy of gold which makes adaptation to teeth structure easier;
  • lingual brackets have smaller surface what simplifies the adaptation;
  • available for patients at every age;
  • • good hygiene (flat, golden, well-polished elements minimalizing plaque settlement and reducing the risk of caries);



aparat-insignia Insignia:

  • modern, advanced technology;
  • 3d visualization – Insignia calculates the most optimal orthodontic treatment plan with the use of three dimensional visualizatiom of real teeth position;
  • digital treatment planning;
  • customized treatment ;
  • most cases are treated without extractions;
  • precise and predictable treatment;
  • the opportunity to see a new smile before the treatment starts;
  • shorter time of treatment;
  • fewer number of control visits;
  • less pain and discomfort during teeth movements;
  • high quality and predictable results;
  • for every age group;



Clear Aligner:

  • for patients who do not want to wear brackets;
  • non-invasive orthodontic therapy for people preferring aesthetics;
  • malocclusion correction with clear aligners;
  • painless, well-tolerated treatment;
  • precise measurement and proper aligners manufacturing influence on therapy efficiency;
  • aligners are hygienic, removable;
  • aligners are made of bicompatible non-allergic material, they are clear and invisible;
  • recommended especially for adults;