Children’s orthodontic treatment

„A beautiful children’s smile is a parent’s dream”

Children’s occlusion is created many years and each stage of development is significant. Correct child’s occlusion is the one where all the spatial relations between teeth of both arches are in centric relation.

Modern orthodontics occupies in:


  • child’s masticatory system examination during the growth and development stages
  • child’s masticatory system examination during the growth and development stages• malocclusion prevention i.e. morphological and functional speech disorders
  • dental-occlusional-facial malocclusion treatment
  • Masticatory system changes examination under the influence of prevention and orthodontic treatment (functional and mechanical)


When should a parent make an orthodontic appointment?


A parent should make an orthodontic visit, when he/she notices abnormalities as follows:

  • a child has open mouth cleft with projecting, continually visible incisors; open or unclosed mouth with chin pushed forward and visible tongue situated behind lower teeth or kept between teeth;
  • tongue pushed between teeth during saliva swallowing;
  • there are large gaps (diastema) between teeth;
  • visibly crowded teet;
  • no contact between maxilla and mandible teeth
  • asimetric countenance;• premature loos of deciduous teeth;
  • exessive teeth extrusion or retraction;
  • bad habits (e.g. biting variety of things, nails biting, bruxism, a finger sucking));


The earlier the malocclusion is diagnosed, the easier is treated. There are many consequences of no malocclusion treatment. Most of all the serious malocclusion can be followed by a face deformation; continuous mouth opening can cause to often colds and throat disease. Malocclusion can be also the cause of abnormal chewing, breathing and they can correlate with speech defects. Children with crowded teeth are endangered with often caries, periodontal disease, teeth eject and their loosening.


How is the children’s malocclusion treated?

There are many ways of malocclusion treatment and they are matched depending on patient’s age and the type of malocclusion. Our clinic offers removable appliances – Schwartz’s plate, block appliance and modern functional appliances: STOPPI dummies, oral screens, Multi T and Multi P appliance. The initial stage of children’s orthodontic treatment is re-education, it means showing the incorrect habits and impulses and introducing new, correct ones with systematic exercises. It includes breathing, swallowing, chewing and speech dysfunction.


  • aparaty-dzieci-3STOPPI DUMMY

Designed for children over 2 years old. It aims to wean from traditional dummy or thumb sucking. Timely weaning prevents adverse effects and at the same time it prevents from complicated treatment in the future.



  • aparaty-dzieci-4Oral screen

Designed for children over 2 years old. Provides the condition of correct occlusion development, helps to wean from sucking: a dummy, a finger, lips; helps to correct speech defect, eliminates incorrect habit of breathing through the mouth, works as device of orbicularis oris decreased tonus. Treats some of the malocclusion types: spurious posteroclusion, posteroclusion with upper anteriors protusion, simple open bite. It can be standard or designed individually with a tongue barrier.



  • aparaty-dzieci-5Multi T appliance

Designed for children between 9 and 11 years old. The aim of Multi T appliance is to improve face and occlusion development at children with mixed dentition. It works against harmful habits of: swallowing, finger chewing, tongue eject and breathing. Using these appliances helps to correct teeth placement in the arch and correct positioning movements. Multi T appliance should be worn not longer than 4 hours daily and about 8 hours at night. Regular use of the appliance delivers good treatment results.



  • aparaty-dzieci-6Multi P appliance

The appliance designed for children between 11 and 15 years old. An ideal and effective method of early orthodontic treatment. It places erupting teeth in ideal position in the arch using the work of a patient’s muscles. Multi P appliance is used in case of anteriors crowding and rotation, a tooth crossbite, gingival smile, open bite and posteroclusion.



  • aparaty-dzieci-7Schwartz’s plate

Moveable orthodontic appliance designed for children between 7 and 13 years old. Its main aim is to influence on maxillary bones development. Moveable appliance is worn at night and a few hours in the day. The longer it is worn, the quicker effects are. The treatment lasts about 3-4 years, control visits take place every 3 months. The appliance is made of acrylic (possible colourful), consisting of retaining elements (clamps) and mechanical parts (screws, springs). Designed individually for each patient.



  • Children’s bracketwin2

Sometimes the children’s brackets are necessary. An orthodontist during the consultation evaluates the occlusion condition and chooses the best type of brackets. For very small children we recommend metal brackets.