Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner – malocclusion correctness in an elegant edition


Malocclusion treatment with Clear Aligner is an ideal solution for patients who have not decided to traditional brackets treatment because of aesthetic reasons and meanwhile they would like to have the most invisible appliance. Clear Aligner is an innovative and modern method of malocclusion treatment with clear, transparent aligners, customized to each patient. The method is recommended specially for adults. Clear Aligner treatment is as effective as traditional appliance or lingual brackets treatment. Clear Aligner can be combined with other orthodontic technologies and it is particularly useful in case of serious malocclusion and when the patient wants to take the appliance off earlier.


What are the advantages of Clear Aligner?


  • splints are clear and virtually invisible and that is why a patient can laugh an speak without any kind of discomfort;
  • the treatment is painless and well tolerated by patients, they do not influence negatively on pronunciation;
  • you can take the aligners off (for eating, cleaning) and put them inside the mouth;
  • easy cleaning;
  • effective malocclusion treatment in relatively short time;
  • before the treatment begins, a patient can see the predictable final result;
  • made of biocompatible material which does not cause any allergy during wearing;


clear-2 clear-3

How does the treatment look like?

  • Consultation – an orthodontist diagnoses a patient regarding his malocclusion and estimates the possibilities of Clear Aligner use;
  • Diagnosis – taking jaws impressions based on which the arch wires set-up is prepared, digital analysis with special computer program and final result simulation are done; an orthodontist can also plan treatment more precisely, calculate its costs and the time;
  • Taking impressions and initial stage splints manufacturing – splints are made in special orthodontic laboratory;
  • Treatment – control visits take place every 3-4 weeks. At each visit the patient receives set of 3 splints at various thickness. They have to be worn in sequence, each for about 1 week;
  • Retention – new teeth position stabilization – retention stage depends on malocclusion, usually it lasts twice longer than the active treatment;






As one of the few, Soldent clinic owns orthodontic laboratory which has Clear Aligner system licence.


Clear Aligner – malocclusion correctness in an elegant edition