Clear brackets






Every person has the right to own a beautiful smile. In order to receive it, we have to wear orthodontic brackets. Clear brackets are less visible but noticeable. Clear brackets are definitely less visible treatment version with the orthodontic appliance. Brackets put on the teeth are made from different types of material – more or less clear which gives the effect of reduced visibility.















However, there are still visible elements such as metal wire and other additional elements. The treatment progress is the same as with metal brackets, the only difference of this solution is reduced brackets visibility during treatment.
If you are looking for completely invisible way of the orthodontic treatment, the best solution is lingual appliance.



Comparison of the orthodontic treatment with different types of brackets:



metalowy-z-zamkiem Metal brackets


metalowy-z-kolorami Metal brackets with colourful ligatures

przezroczysty Clear brackets

aparat-lingwialny Lingual brackets