First days in orthodontic treatment

General discomfort











Pain is an often symptom after putting the orthodontic appliance. If it hurts much, you can take painkillers available in the chemistry’s, e.g. Apap, Nurofen, Ibuprom. Pain persists after 3 or 4 days. If you feel pain in mouth caused by some elements (often the area of bands or brackets on misaligned teeth), you have to use wax and cover these parts causing pain and irritation. If wax washes off (has been eaten), you have to put it one more time. Wax layer separates irritating element from mucosa thus giving it a chance to heal up.

Tooth mobility


Higher teeth mobility is often seen in orthodontic treatment. Teeth move in different directions and sometimes it looks even worse than before treatment. Don’t worry – it is normal stage in orthodontic treatment. In the finishing phase of treatment, teeth are fixed in the proper position and then stabilized.












If you practice dangerous sport, you should wear a special protective mask. In case of any accident involving the face, you have to check if all the elements are not damaged. If you think there is a movement or appliance has been damaged, call the SOLDENT clinic immediately – tel. 22 620 10 30.

Loose wire or band

















Sometimes it happens that some elements can get loose – DON’T PANIC! If a wire tip annoys you, try to bend it in a tooth direction by t the use of eraser on a pencil or the handle of toothbrush. If it doesn’t help, you have to wait until your next visit and cover the wire tip with wax. If you want to check and fix everything – make an additional appointment. Try to describe your problem precisely because then the orthodontist knows how much time you need for your visit.


Be careful when eating. In the first days of treatment try to avoid eating hard pieces of food because they can damage some elements of your brackets. To avoid breaking or loosening parts of the appliance, cut food into small pieces and chew slowly. Be careful with staining food and drinks – they can discolour brackets and/or chains.


Often avoid:


chewing gum;

hard candy, bonbons;

sticky candy;

hard biscuits;



hard pieces of pizza;

large pretzel;

hard bread;

apples, pears, raw carrot, celery – optionally, you can chop them;






Successful orthodontic treatment is also the issue of good patient and doctor cooperation. Follow your orthodontist’s recommendation, see your doctor regularly, avoid food which could damage your brackets, inform your doctor about all the breakdowns, be conscientious and responsible in your treatment.


















Excellent treatment results depend not only on your orthodontists, but on YOU as well!!!