INSIGNIA – fully customized orthodontics with 3D visualization


Insignia moves the limit of orthodontic science and art beyond the previous possibilities available in traditional brackets. Insignia is a computer malocclusion treatment with the most advanced technology. This computer system combines digital treatment planning with brackets and wires specially designed manufactured to individual tooth’s anatomy.






What makes INSIGNIA extraordinary:

  • Opposite to traditional orthodontics, the appliance is designed individually to each patient what guarantees successful treatment;
  • Patient can see before treatment how his smile will look like afterwards;
  • Most cases are treated without extractions;
  • Less pain and discomfort during teeth movement;
  • Shorter treatment time;
  • Fewer number of control visits;
  • High quality and predictable results;
  • Ideal for everybody who wants to wear brackets short time and receive a beautiful smile;


3D treatment planning


Everything is possible because of 3D treatment planning. On the first visit an orthodontist takes the teeth impression which is sent directly to INSIGNIA laboratory where patient’s smile is designed. Advanced image software will create 3D occlusion visualization. In laboratory the digitally customized brackets and wires with accurate parameters are manufactured. Opposite to traditional brackets, INSIGNIA treatment plan is described including all the small details which deliver quick, accurate and predictable treatment results. Each element is precisely calculated to influence on tooth movement optimally. It can result in fewer number control visits, shorter treatment time and extraordinary comfort of appliance wearing. Next visit relies on treatment planning presentation and a patient can see the final design of his smile. Insignia Approver software allows more detailed teeth preview because of rotation and possibility to make some correctness to create an ideal smile that each patient dreams about.



Insignia offers wide range of brackets


After treatment plan simulation and patient’s approval, an orthodontist puts the brackets on. Insignia offers wide range of brackets. A patient can choose:

  • self-ligating brackets: metal, metal and ceramic, ceramic;
  • traditional two tie wings brackets: metal or ceramic;









High quality of the company producing INSIGNIA elements ensures a patient receives the best appliances, accurate and individual design for each patient.















„As a real discriminant of doctor’ practice, Insignia offers the most customized solution connected with advanced, high quality engineering, from the beginning to the end of the treatment”