Incognito Lite

Not only discreet, but also an easy way to have a beautiful smile

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Incognito Lite is a new, simplified version of revolutionary Incognito system. Incognito Lite offers the same advantages, aesthetics, and the only one difference is its purpose – Incognito Lite treats only simple malocclusionIt is an ideal treatment option for adults with recurrence of malocclusion or for patients who need only a little teeth movement. Incognito Lite is designed only for 6 or 8 teeth in the upper/lower arch – only in the place where teeth need to be treated. Incognito Lite is proper for people in each age group. Ideal for people whose anterior teeth needs a small correction, for people treated before but with recurrence of malocclusion. Also for people who like to have fast treatment results and for those who appreciate a beautiful smile everyday and do not want to show the brackets.








 Reasons to be happy with Incognito Lite:

  • incognito-lite-5invisible even with wide smile, because it is hidden beyond teeth;
  • comfortable because it is worn only on 6 or 8 teeth;
  • brackets, the same as Inognito, have the lowest profile in the market, the elements are smaller and make adaptation easier;
  • effective because it works 24/7;
  • customized individually to a specific patient;
  • shorter chairtime because fewer numer of teeth is treated;
  • visible effects in shorter time;
  • lower risk of decalcification because the interior teeth surface is less exposed to decalcification;
  • better oral hygiene because brackets are accessible;
  • iideal for allergic because brackets are made from alloy of gold;
  • profitable because a patient pays only for 6 or 8 teeth treatment;
  • shorter treatment time
  • sproven success – technology used in 75,000 patients treatment within 10 years (source:


Incognito Lite – Not only discreet, but also an easy way to have a beautiful smile