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WIN system


Contemporary orthodontics offers more possibilities of lingual brackets choice. SOLDENT clinic as the first in Poland introduces WIN brackets. The creator of them is dr Dirk Wiechmann from Bad Essen in Germany.

This type of brackets is a great alternative for typical, traditional appliance. In WIN system brackets are bonded on lingual side of a tooth and they are invisible from outside even when you smile broadly. WIN is a great solution for everybody who wants to have discreet way of teeth straightening. WIN system can treat all the malocclusions, it is designed for people requiring the highest quality of aesthetics. It can be used in each age group, from children up to adults.

The specificity of WIN bracket is its placement. This technique allows to bond the brackets on the lingual side what makes them completely invisible for other people. Brackets are made of steel and the elements working on malocclusion treatment – of chromium and cobalt. Because the most recent computer technologies are used, each bracket is designed and manufactured individually. The greatest advantage of WIN system is low bracket profile which means that parts are small and brackets adaptation is much quicker than simple lingual brackets.


Dlaczego aparat WIN?

  •  Visible treatment result – invisible brackets!!!
  • Proper at every age
  • From easy to complicated cases
  • Designed individually for each patient
  • Made in Germany, without the utmost care
  • Impoved technique – flat brackets’ shape provides maximum comfort during orthodontic treatment



Treatment with WIN system

The orthodontist takes an impression of a patient’s jaws during the first visit. Then it is sent to laboratory in Germany, where, basing on teeth impression, the dentition model is prepared with the use of modern computer technologies. Basing on the model the ideal, fully customized brackets in which we insert the arch wire are made. Ready appliance comes back to Poland where it is fixed by a professional orthodontist. The next stage is wire designing and bending with special device. Finally we get the set of arch wires necessary for the treatment. These wires are inserted on each control visits. Time of WIN brackets bonding is about 1 hour, next visits take place in 4 to 6 weeks each and the first effects are noticeable after only few weeks of wearing the brackets.


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Because the brackets contain chromium, cobalt and nickel the braces are not recommended to patients allergic to these ingredients.

Win a beautiful smile with WIN brackets!