Orthodontic hygiene



“Do you dream about a beautiful, healthy smile? – lingual appliance is a perfect ideal. Remember that being successful depends also on prevention and oral hygiene”


The maintenance of proper oral hygiene has a great influence on treatment results. Each patient who decides to orthodontic treatment has to remember about proper teeth cleaning. Proper hygiene is very important for aesthetic and health reasons. Proper care for teeth and gums help to avoid demineralization, brackets and ligatures cleaning protects brackets against staining. Just after putting the brackets on, a patient receives the instruction of proper oral hygiene from an orthodontist and help in choosing proper dental accessories necessary to maintain proper hygiene. Apart from that a patient gets a script with information how the orthodontic treatment looks like in the first days of wearing brackets.






The basic rules of oral hygiene for orthodontic brackets owners


  • Ask your orthodontist about your oral hygiene condition each visitEvery 5 months ask for professional cleaning (a hygienist takes off some parts of the appliance and carefully cleans them from tartar and plaque, at the end she polishes your teeth)
  • At home:
  • use toothpaste with fluoride, suitable toothpaste guarantees proper oral hygiene and constant orthodontic treatment progress
  • use orthodontic toothbrush and try to change it into new one every month;
  • avoid hard toothbrushes because they can cause gums regression
  • focus on gums’ line (the place where teeth and gums meet)
  • brush the tongue because a lot of bacterial precipitate collects on it)
  • clean places difficult to reach with interdental toothbrush (wax removing tool)
  • use dental floss;
  • use rinse mouth;
  • tooth brushing should be longer than traditional one
  • brush teeth after each meal, try to have your travel kit with you (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, rinse mouth);


What type of a toothbrush is recommended during orthodontic treatment?


Special design of a toothbrush with a groove in the middle is perfect tool for cleaning teeth surface and outside bracket’s part cleaning. Electrical toothbrushes are highly recommended because they remove more plaque that traditional manual toothbrushes. Nowadays on the market there are toothbrushes with special orthodontic tips available. It is worth to equipped with irrigator which removes plaque collected around brackets and gum line with the use of high pressured water beam.

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How to clean hard-to-reach space?

The best solution is to use interdental toothbrush (wax removing tool) available in wide range of sizes and types of hair. They are similar to round brushes used for bottle cleaning but much smaller. A plastic covered wire is used for safer cleaning. The tool can be used for ideal cleaning, especially the space between the arch wire and teeth and surface around brackets and bands.

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AirFloss (1)

How to clean teeth with dental floss?

Teeth flossing delivers plaque removal which would collect between teeth and under gum line – where a traditional toothbrush cannot reach. We recommend floss with stiff tip which simplifies the floss insertion under the arch wire. The fluffy, wider part of the floss cleans the plaque around brackets and the standard part of the floss cleans plaque between teeth.

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When your orthodontic treatment is already finished, you have received a beautiful, healthy smile. Use professional bleaching with  BEYOND method and you will get 10% discount. And for keeping the snow white effect on your teeth, use safe whitening toothpaste Blanx. Below we attached the set of whitening toothpaste recommended by SOLDENT clinic:


Proper hygiene is very important for aesthetic and health reasons.