Preservative dentistry

doktorThe main aim of the preservative dentistry is the continuing care of natural teeth to the end of our life through the use of proper methods of their structure reconstruction and physiological function restoring. Nowadays, the trend is minimally invasive procedure of prevention and therapy.

However, when a tooth is attacked by dental caries, most often it is too late to avoid drilling. Only spots of demineralization – a very early stage of decay when there is no mechanic loss of tooth substance, only the loss of minerals – can be treated with the use of rebuilding preparation i.d. containing fluoride.


The basic problem accompanying patients during appointments at the dentist is the fear of pain. In Soldent clinic, we use, on the patients’ request, anaesthesia before the preservative tooth treatment which guarantees no pain

C112_WE_BLAfter proper decay removal, if there is no root canal treatment, dentist can put the filling inside. We offer the composite filling of reputable companies – Swiss (Vivadent) and American (3M). The variety of composite material colours allows ideal filling match to the natural tooth colour. Unfortunately, composite fillings are not eternal, similarly to former amalgam fillings used. The process of unsealing and the need of filling replacement often happen after 3-5 years. In order to protect against often replacement the dentist may offer inlay in case of large fillings.

The advantage of inlay over traditional fillings is long vitality but the disadvantage, however, higher price. Inlays might be porcelain (adjusted to the tooth colour) or golden. Despite the general reluctance to the anaesthetic ones, golden inlays are the most durable and, considering tightness, they are second to none.

For children’s treatment we use special, colourful fillings (Twinky Star) of teeth. A child may choose the filling colour by himself, e.g. red or blue. Thanks to this simple solution, children are more eager to come to the clinic.

We take care not only about teeth treatment but their better appearance as well. White teeth are commonly accepted symbol of health and beauty. We invite you to visit our website concerning teeth bleaching in 1 hour only.

The main aim of the preservative dentistry is the continuing care of natural teeth to the end of our life