Dental implants

Dental implants – to receive a beautiful, natural smile”


Dental implantology is a modern, tested and safe method of a beautiful smile recovery. Dental implants use is the only one solution which delivers a permanent aesthetic effect and improved mastication previously disturbed by missing teeth.

Soldent is a clinic specialising in dental implant surgeries. We carry even the most complicated dental implant surgeries connected with bones reconstruction and sinus lift.

We have introduced (as the first in Poland) active dental implants made by a Swedish company, Astra Tech, which provides instant dental implantology (implant is inserted just after extraction). It delivers shorter time of treatment and better results than with traditional systems.




Our more than 10 years of dental implants experience is supported with knowledge gained on many courses and congresses in various academic centres all over the world and serves our patients to receive better treatment results. We would like to share our experience in implantology with other doctors, so for over 7 years we have been organizing trainings and courses.

Dental implant is a great restoration of a tooth function and aesthetics. Widely used dental implants give patients a beautiful smile, speech problems absence, eating comfort and, as the only ones, prevent irretrievable bone atrophy which takes place after extraction. Dental implants protect against other teeth damage or loss which happens when using prosthesis, bridges and anaesthetic metal clasps.

Apart from life comfort improvement (to have the feeling of regaining your own teeth), the most valuable advantage of having dental implants is their stability. Prosthesis based on dental implants may be worn lifetime and a patient receives life guarantee which means that if there is a necessity of dental implant re-insertion, he will not bear the costs of it and the service is free.

Nowadays, dental implants are more and more popular. Probably the meaning of “implants” is well-known to almost everybody and more and more patients choose this treatment method instead of bridge or traditional uncomfortable prosthesis.

The use of dental implants there is no need of neighbouring healthy teeth stelengis, as it happens if we want to complete the extracted teeth with traditional bridge method. The advantages of dental implants to traditional prosthesis is shown by the animation below.

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Experience and practice

Dr Krzysztof Sołtyk – a dentist occupying himself with implantology, dental surgery and prosthetics. He is the expert of dental implants and computer prosthetics with the use of Cerec 3D computer system. Dr Sołtyk is a member of the European Association for Osseointegration and the Polish Association for Implant Dentistry (OSIS) which honoured him as the dental implant specialist as one of the first in Poland.

Since 2004 dr Krzysztof Sołtyk has been a certified dentist working with Swedish dental implants Astra Tech, leading trainings and lecturers for the dentists in the range of implantology and digital prosthetics. Since 2010 he has been using Cerec 3D computer system.