Prosthetics on dental implants



After dental implant healing (the implant is the equivalent of a natural root) the doctor can start prosthetic reconstruction (a single tooth crown, bridge or prosthesis ) based on it. In traditional implant prosthetics the impressions are taken and then they are sent directly to the prosthetic lab. After final prosthesis performing, it comes back to the clinic where it is settled on the dental implant. The disadvantage of this procedure is the necessity of impressions taking, longer time because of delivery, lack of direct communication between a clinic and prosthetic lab which performs the work.

Only our patients’ pdntures

That is why we want to eliminate these inconveniences and have created the lab which performs only our patients’ pdntures. The advantage of this solution is reduced time of denture manufacturing, direct contact of the doctor, a technician and a patient. We can create the best prosthesis together. The prosthetic procedure start on the first visit after a dental implant healing, the implant exposure and impressions taken or intraoral scan which the prosthesis is based on. Next visit contains the denture placement on the single dental implant or implants or it is only tried on to check. Between a prosthetic crown and the dental implant there is an implant connector which guarantees stability and aesthetics of the crown or bridge.MN1_6595 MN1_6622


Nowadays the most aesthetic and well-fitting implant connectors are made of zirconia, individually designed with computer technology. When there is a single tooth missing, we perform a single crown. Some teeth loss is reconstructed with a few single crowns or a bridge. If there are 3-4 teeth missing, we can place 2 dental implants on which 3-4 crowns will be performed. This method is called the bridge placed on implants. We can place at most 12 crowns on 4 dental implants in the mandible so all the dental arch is rebuilt.

System CAD/CAM



Our close cooperation with our own laboratory and the most advanced technology used there i.a. computer designing and works done with CAD/CAM system, give us the opportunity to offer our patients very wide range of possible prosthetic dentures.