Treatment solutions

Loss of one tooth

Loss of one tooth before dental implants introduction was masked with a traditional bridge – two neighbouring teeth were stripped (stelengis) which in the end made them dead. Nowadays a dental implant does not damage surrounding teeth. In contrary, it improves their anchored in the bone what prevents bone loss after root loss by the implant placement. Dental implants placed in case of a single tooth loss can be inserted just after extraction what reduces the number of surgeries to only one and fastens healing time to 50%.

Example 1.

A dental implant with a healing connector lacznik Ceramic connector Final crown

Example 2.

im. brak 1 zęba 2 Healed dental implant Prosthetic connector Ceramic crown

Example 3.

The use of the latest Profile implant made by Astra Techim. brak 1 zęba 3 Dental implant after placement The final crown


Anodontia, the complete loss of teeth in the maxilla or mandible, is the most often treated with traditional acrylic prosthesis which are not comfortable solution for many patients. Because of weaker maintenance of these prosthesis, the masticatory forces during chewing are weaker and the prosthesis themselves influence negatively on gums what finally ends in their atrophy followed by stability weakening. The only one solution of the problem is dental implants placement. In case of anodontia there are two possible solutions of teeth recovery with implants:

  • Traditional prosthesis fixed on dental implants

It is very simple solution which improves significantly prosthesis stability and comfort of its wearing. In case of upper jaw (maxilla) 4 implants are performed and when speaking about lower jaw (mandible) – 2 dental implants. After implants fixation and their healing, special connectors working as clips connecting implants with prosthesis. This solution apart from prosthesis stability improvement, stabilizes the bone around dental implants and patients can still remove the prosthesis in order to clean it.


im. bez2 im. bez

im.bez3 im.bez4

  • Anodontia rebuilding with bridges based on implants

im.bez5 im.bez6

In this solution minimum 6 implants should be placed in the maxilla, and minimum 4 dental implants in the mandible. 12 crowns can be based on them. The natural mastication capacity is restored, and teeth are settled permanently which means that a patient cannot remove the prosthesis from the mouth and it functions identically to natural teeth.