What is an implant?


Dental implant structure

A dental implant is the equivalent of a natural root, the part of a tooth which is inside a bone.

Implants are designed to work and look like almost the same as a natural tooth. When manufactured properly they are indistinguishable from the neighbouring natural teeth. Dental implant shape is close to root shape and in most cases it is conical screw with external thread and titanium surfaced prepared in a special way which has a direct contact with a bone.

All the dental implants have a thread inside them which connects to prosthetic connector on which a crown is settled. The length of dental implants varies between 6 and 19 mm, and the width ranges between 3 and 7mm. They are selected individually for each patient and according to encountered conditions. The set consisted of dental implant + connector + tooth crown is a functional integrity working as an equivalence of a natural tooth.



Nowadays dental implants are made of titanium (most of them) or zirconium. Titanium is quite commonly found in the nature – being light, quite soft and very durable material. The most important feature of a dental implant which determines its biocompatibility is passivation. It means that all the surface is covered with titanium oxide TiO2 which protects against corrosion and prevents ions release to the bone tissue. Zirconium is also very resistant to external agents, very though white metal but it is quite fragile. In spite of the fact, it also biocompatible material. The success rate is lower and the system of a dental implant and a crown connection is more complicated.

implant 3 In our clinic we use only two, the most renowned dental implant systems in the world giving life guarantee on their products:



  • Swedish dental implants, Astra Tech – Osseospeed TX – a dental implant with surfaced modified with titanium fluoride is the most recommended when inserting the implant instantly after extraction and the newest dental implant, Profile TX, with the shape contoured individually for the best aesthetics


  • Straumann, Swedish implants

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SLA active dental implants – unique, active and hydroscope surface shortening significantly the time of implant healing (up to 4 weeks).