Dental microscope

See more – work more accurately” – this motto guides our work.


It is an optical device which can be used by a doctor to obtain new possibilities because we can treat well only what is visible.

mikroskop_1 mikroskop_2

Field treatment enlargement gives the opportunity to see things invisible for the naked eye which can be used in the following procedures:

  • Preservative dentistry: great visibility delivers precision during cosmetic surgeries, makes the diagnosis easier, enables to determine the stage of caries, improves the precision during filling in the gingival area;




  • Root canal treatment: enables great visibility during the treatment, narrow canals localization, broken instruments removal, obstruction overcoming in the root canal, work quality improvement, make the work during root canal treatment easier;


  • Prosthetics: delivers precision in tooth abutments grinding, verifies the accuracy of prosthetic workshop;

gill_LR6c_inst gill_LR6a_inst

  • Microsurgery and implantology: high quality optics delivers the high quality image. Easier details distinguishing during surgeries determines the clinical success.