Mateusz Nasternak 0048Dr Katarzyna Łoza-Sołtyk – a dentist occupying herself with modern orthodontics. She specializes in lingual brackets. She marketed them in Poland as one of the first because of her good relations with foreign doctors who have been treating teeth with them for over 30 years. She is one of the very few doctors in Poland working with customized lingual brackets INCOGNITO. Dr Łoza-Sołtyk is the expert of the new digitally customized orthodontics – INSIGNIA, advanced 3D technology of smile designing. She has the opportunity of seeing Polish, English and Italian speaking patients.












Mateusz Nasternak 0025 (1)Dr Krzysztof Sołtyk – a dentist occupying himself with implantology, dental surgery and prosthetics. He is the expert of dental implants and computer prosthetics with the use of Cerec 3D computer system. Dr Sołtyk is a member of the European Association for Osseointegration and the Polish Association for Implant Dentistry (OSIS) which honoured him as the dental implant specialist as one of the first in Poland.

Since 2004 dr Krzysztof Sołtyk has been a certified dentist working with Swedish dental implants Astra Tech, leading trainings and lecturers for the dentists in the range of implantology and digital prosthetics. Since 2010 he has been using Cerec 3D computer system.











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Dr Krzysztof Łoza – specialises in the aesthetic restoration of a smile using dental crowns and facings, paying his special attention to combine a beautiful smile with the masticatory function. He occupies with reconstruction of the extracted teeth using dental crowns and bridges supported on dental implants. As one of the first in Poland he started teeth reconstruction using Cerec device which helps in preparing facings, dental crowns or digitally designed and manufactured fillings. Dr Łoza provides his patients with root canal treatment and preservative dentistry. He occupies with temporomandibular joints treatment and complex teeth reconstruction. He has the opportunity of seeing Polish and English speaking patients.












Mateusz Nasternak 0146Dr Magdalena Jelska-Górnicka – a dentist with the years of experience. She works on children’s preservative dentistry and prosthetics teeth reconstruction (tooth crowns, LICÓWKI, prosthesis). She specializes in aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics – brackets and moveable appliances. She has the opportunity of seeing Polish and English speaking patients.















Mateusz Nasternak 0212Dr Agnieszka Wołcz-Kobylańska – a dentist specializes in root canal treatment with the use of a microscope. She deals with preservative and aesthetics dentistry and prosthetics as well.















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Dr Anita Paszkowska – a dentist occupying with preservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics – children’s and adults’.
















slomczewskiDr Dawid Słomczewski – a dentist specialises with dental surgery, endodontics and prosthetics – specialises in advanced root canal treatment using microscope, including secondary root canal treatment, removal of broken files and old posts. Dr Dawid deals with extractions of wisdom and impacted teeth and restoration of very destroyed teeth with digital prosthetic solutions. He perform reconstruction of the smile and dentition using computer designing and scanning systems.












Dr Anna Nowak – In my daily work, based on my current knowledge, I deal with conservative tooth reconstruction, digital prosthetics and endodontic treatment with the use of a microscope.
The experience that I am gaining allows me to approach the patient individually with the simultaneous use of comprehensive solutions in treatment to restore the proper function of the masticatory system with an emphasis on a high aesthetic effect.
I associate my development with issues related to the temporomandibular joint and dental surgery.
During the visit, it is important for me, in addition to full satisfaction with the treatment, to ensure patient comfort and a stress-free atmosphere.










Dr Marta Mazurek


Dr Katarzyna Tomczyk