Prosthetics 3 D

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In our clinic we do all the types of dental crowns and bridges available on the market. Our close cooperation with our own laboratory and the most advanced technology used there i.a. computer designing and works done with CAD/CAM system, give us the opportunity to offer our patients very wide range of possible prosthetic dentures. A dental crown is a denture cemented permanently on a tooth root prepared before. It behaves as a cap of a dissected tooth. A well done dental crown is very solid supplement (average between 5 and 10 years) and aesthetic as well. It is recommended for restoration of weak teeth after root canal treatment and if the tooth crown is badly damage by caries. The best dental crown available nowadays are ceramic without metal on which porcelain is put (e.g. Swedish system of dental crowns Procera). A bridge is a permanent supplement – unmovable, acting as a bridge over a river – on at least two abutments and with „span” in the middle. Natural teeth or dental implants work as this support. With the help of a bridge we may fill in the lack of one, two or maximum three extracted teeth but, in order to do that, abutment teeth have to be in good condition.


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