Root canal treatment or endodontics

leczenie-kanaloweWhen you start having toothache, the most often it means the process of tooth destruction focuses on enamel – the toughest bone in human organism- and dentine. Dentine contains of slight canals leading unpleasant feelings (it means toothache when you eat or drink something cold, hot or sweet) directly to the dental pulp. Dental pulp is „the heart of a tooth” consisting of nerves and blood vessels. Unless the dental caries process stops only on enamel or dentine, it goes directly to dental pulp causing its inflammation. Then it is necessary to have root canal treatment. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent it thanks to regular control visits to the dental clinic. And if there is the real need of root canal treatment, we may give patient anaesthesia if he asks for it which guarantees completely painless treatment.

Root canal treatment is based on infected or inanimate dental pulp removal from the pulp cavity with the use of mechanical or chemical methods and then fill them tightly with special materials in order to avoid relapse.

Even few years ago it was believed teeth after root canal treatment were convicted to be extracted after some time. However, nowadays this sentence is not actual anymore because of higher development of root canal treatment techniques and moreover, it is possible to save many teeth which were not treated correctly many years ago.

Root canal treatment sometimes creates dentist serious problem because of anatomical specificity of root canals. We have to underline the fact that root canal treatment done well gives the opportunity of continued existence of a tooth as a whole and often even denture is supported on this tooth. It is the fund of the whole treatment, unfortunately, very often underestimated. If the root canal treatment is done properly, we may also treat the tooth with dental crowns, bridges or different denture, not being afraid that the work will be rejected after some time because of the former poorly executed endodontics.

The base of root canal treatment is mechanical and chemical development of canals in the way that guarantees total clearing (and sometimes it is very difficult as shown on the photo). Next key feature of the whole treatment process is proper estimation of a canal length with a special device called endometer or radiograph. Failure in a root canal filling can cause failure in the whole treatment. The finishing stage is based on tightly root canal filling with the thermal condensation of gutta-percha (the most efficient method of treatment in the world guarantying the highest success treatment rate) with American systems – Obtura and System B.

The most advanced methods of endodontic treatment used in SOLDENT clinic allow us to offer our patients the highest quality of services, even the most difficult ones.